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Front Row Dads [Family Men with Businesses, Not Businessmen with Families] with Jon Vroman

Nov 26, 2019

Steve is a passionate pilot, travel entrepreneur and wander addict who spends time bringing ideas to life across different sectors including travel, fitness and not-for-profit. Steve has founded a number of successful companies – the key, he reckons, is to continue to be excited and motivated by change. He’s on a...

Nov 19, 2019

Alan Stein, Jr. teaches proven strategies to improve organizational performance, create effective leadership, increase team cohesion and collaboration, and develop winning mindsets, rituals, and routines.


As a successful business owner and veteran basketball performance coach, Alan spent 15+ years working with the...

Nov 14, 2019


Join the Front Row Dads private Facebook community so you can ask questions, share ideas, and be part of a supportive group of incredible brothers who help one another navigate the role of marriage and fatherhood.



If you've listened to multiple Front Row Dads interviews and get...

Nov 12, 2019

Nir Eyal is a superhuman who writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. He’s been with his wife for 18 years, and has a beautiful teenage daughter. 


Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso...

Nov 8, 2019

In this episode, I’m talking about the latest Front Row Dads Retreat, where we spent 3 days in San-Diego with the intention of being better family men. I’m joined by Front Row Dads members, Kelly Gilson and Brad Johnson, who participated in the retreat. Together we’ll go through the best and most impactful...