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Front Row Dads [Family Men with Businesses, Not Businessmen with Families] with Jon Vroman

Dec 21, 2022

“The great plague of the modern man is numbness.” - John Wineland

It’s natural for men to be in tune with their masculine energy because we’re wired to win and to provide for our family. But if we’re not integrating our feminine energy, we’re not healing our mind, body, or heart.

Lots of people have something that they struggle with. Whether it’s insecurities, anxiety, a fear of failure, or all of the things. And if we’re numbing and distracting ourselves, we’re not healing or improving.

So let’s talk about true masculine energy, living your truth, and not just healing ourselves but everyone in our orbit and beyond. And I’m thrilled to be joined by someone with over 30 years of experience to share some of their knowledge with us today.

John Wineland is a speaker and teacher who leads men and women in the practices of embodied masculine leadership, spiritual intimacy, and sexual polarity. In his new book, From The Core, he shares a practical guide to redefine, heal and re-embrace masculinity in our world.

In this conversation, we discuss how spending time in solitude can improve your relationships, the importance of being vulnerable with other men, and why true masculinity embraces the feminine instead of rejecting it.

John also shares how he coped with the devastating loss of his daughter Claire and how he honors her legacy years after her passing. He encourages us to lean into our emotions, break through the false stories we tell ourselves, and open ourselves up to authentic connections with others.

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John Wineland Podcast Highlights

  • How being aware of the body’s sensations can quiet our monkey minds.
  • Your masculine presence is the greatest gift you can give to those around you.
  • Instead of running away from difficult emotions, bring your full awareness to them. It’ll change how you experience those emotions.
  • How to reverse social media's damage on our minds and attention.
  • Consciously allowing yourself to relax instead of distracting yourself mindlessly.
  • Life is a practice of failure and recommitment.
  • Find your tribe of men before whom you won’t be afraid to share your deepest weakness and insecurities.
  • Being a fully embodied man is a lifetime commitment. You’ll fail along the road, and that’s OK.

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