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Front Row Dads [Family Men with Businesses, Not Businessmen with Families] with Jon Vroman

Sep 27, 2023

8 hours and 39 minutes. That’s how much time our teenagers spend glued to their screens EVERY DAY. 

Screen time is a huge issue in today’s digital world and I’m thrilled to have Dino Ambrosi on the show today. Dino is the founder of Project Reboot, and has helped over 4,000 teens develop better digital habits. 

Dino explains why pulling the plug on social media isn’t the answer to our kids’ digital addictions. He believes there's a balanced approach, one that educates and empowers our kids to form genuine connections in the real world. Enjoy!

A Wide-Ranging Conversation Through…

  • Intro
  • Getting your kids to open up on their own
  • Phones are our nemesis
  • Helping kids decode their phone habits 
  • The daily social media kids’ marathon
  • The social media tax everyone pays
  • Creating a device-free sanctuary at home 
  • YouTube without the rabbit holes? 
  • Banning social media at home? Hard no! 
  • Social media is for connection, not boredom 
  • Raising lifelong learners.
  • Going on a digital content diet
  • How to get Dino in your school

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