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Front Row Dads [Family Men with Businesses, Not Businessmen with Families] with Jon Vroman

Mar 31, 2020

Jeffrey Williams is a father, husband, teacher, and dedicated student of life.  Jeffrey and his wife, along with their four children, currently reside in Nevada City, California. A natural self-starter and holistic wellness visionary, Jeffrey founded his first wellness center, Lifestyles of Light, in 2002 and his...

Mar 24, 2020

Yanik Silver has been called a Cosmic Catalyst, a Maverick Mischief-maker and a Galactic Goofball. He redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of more profits, more fun, and more impact.

Yanik is the creator of the Cosmic Journal, author of Evolved Enterprise and the founder of

Mar 19, 2020

Calm & Prepared
There is an order to the life priorities we carry as survivalists, and they apply whether or not we are in a "survival situation" or not.  I think sharing this information with everyone can help organize thoughts and priorities for people in a way that makes them less stressful to think through. ...

Mar 17, 2020

147: Moving Through The Darkest Days with Mike Dillard


Mike Dillard is an entrepreneur in Austin Texas. He got his start in the network marketing industry while in college at Texas A&M University. At the age of 26, he wrote his first book called "Magnetic Sponsoring" which has sold more than 200,000 self-published...