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Front Row Dads [Family Men with Businesses, Not Businessmen with Families] with Jon Vroman

Jun 24, 2021

What matters more–providing for our families, or being there for our spouses and our kids while we make incredible memories?

When I learned that entrepreneur Tyler Gunter decided to make big changes in his life and retired at the age of 30 to show up for his family first and his business second, I knew I needed to...

Jun 17, 2021

We’ve all heard of the mythical 100/100 marriage before — one where both partners give 100% at all times, and everything’s always great.

But let’s take a step back and get real for a second: How often do you feel like you’re able to give 100%? How often do you feel like you’re getting 100%? If you’ve ever...

Jun 10, 2021

Phillip Stutts, my new friend, just published The Undefeated Marketing System. 

It’s a book about how to grow businesses and build audiences. If you want to learn a lot about digital marketing and the tools and techniques that win presidential campaigns, he lays it all out.

But I took more from it than that....

Jun 3, 2021

My friend Johnny Kane didn’t just recommend that I read Jesse Harless’s book, If Not You, Then Who?–he told me that everybody should read it.

And man, was Johnny right. I was blown away by the first 50 pages. It’s a raw, shockingly good, honest memoir about addiction and recovery. But it’s more than...